Core Values

Prodigy focuses on core values and services that embrace an investor centered approach. Conducting business around four core values – Integrity, Adaptability, Data Driven, and Teamwork, providing Prodigy an investment foundation designed to minimize risk while achieving above average returns.

Integrity – Prodigy embraces commitment to quality by conducting all matters of business with transparency and honesty while inspiring trust through behavior and accountability.

Adaptability –  Innovation is leveraged with marketing insights and expertise to maintain and grow our competitive market advantage. Strategic decisions through the analysis of data allow Prodigy to remain agile, flexible, and nimble to thrive in the evolving marketplace.

Data Driven – Acquiring, analyzing and applying information to business governance verified by data, for the understanding of key indicators of performance and risk associated with operational workflow, and the introduction of adjustments to achieve competitive market advantage.

Teamwork – Optimal solutions and innovative ideas are produced from the collaboration of Prodigy team members by focusing on the achievement of common goals. Teamwork respects diversity and values the power of team interaction, recommendations and decisions.