Core Components

The Prodigy Capital infrastructure is comprised of 5 clearly defined departments: Acquisitions, Construction, and Sales, are the three main components. The majority of each department’s individual processes have evolved to become as automated and systematic as possible.
Operational Technology provides a technical infrastructure which allows for Prodigy’s scalable business model and automates communication between the departments. The Operations Department encompasses company essentials such as Finance, Human Resources and Investor Relations.


Each potential property is analyzed to determine whether it meets Prodigy Capital’s basic underwriting criteria Prodigy Capital has developed a formula for valuing property taking multiple extraneous factors into consideration to reduce risk and maximize return. The efficiency that results from extensive data analysis, a proven underwriting procedure and highly trained personnel allows Prodigy Capital to take advantage of the deals other investors miss due to lack of consistency and capability.


The construction team is organized into a series of construction estimators, project managers, general contractors and subcontractors with a department manager at the head of the operation. Standards and processes have been implemented to ensure the procedure of sourcing, interviewing, screening and qualifying contractors is yielding positive results. Once hired, all contractors are held accountable for their work through an extensive set of quality control measure and must adhere to strict rehabilitation guidelines.


To aid in the effective resale of its acquired assets and to provide the best possible results for its investors, Prodigy Capital has opened a retail brokerage, Prodigy Properties. The trained sales team is equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to execute a high volume of residential sales. As the transition from construction to sales occurs, the sales team is provided with all the information and photos necessary to appropriately market the property.

Taking the step in the right direction!