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Welcome to Prodigy Real Estate, headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. We are a real estate investment fund, specializing in the fix-and-flip model. Established in 2010, our firm acquires properties through auction sources for resale in the public marketplace. Our team consists of experts with proven track records in property acquisition, construction, real estate, finance, investor relations, and operational technology.

Through our innovative scalable business model we produce a rapid turnover rate with an exceptional return on investment, exceeding industry performance standards.

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What began as an innovative approach to acquire properties through courthouse auction, for resale in the public marketplace, was the inception of a prominent real estate investment firm in the South Florida market. Prodigy quickly emerged as a dominant firm, focused on the fix-and-flip model. We locate, acquire and transform neglected properties into high return real estate investments for our investors while producing quality homes in the marketplace. Our managed short-term investments are structured to generate an above average return and secured by real property.

Prodigy acquires properties through auction sources for resale in the public marketplace through utilization of a proprietary formula and strategic management.
Innovative scalable business model, automated management procedures, data driven culture, and a convergent technical infrastructure provide Prodigy with a sustainable competitive market advantage.
The rapid turnover rate, high return, and risk adverse documented history of success is maintained by avoiding speculation through a systemized proprietary formula, and adhering to strict rehabilitation and sales guidelines.
Prodigy Capital has proven ability to excel during all market conditions with consistent returns on investment since inception. Prodigy will remain an industry pioneer with deployment of the scalable proprietary investment strategy into additional markets.
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